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Hi this is the new way of letting everyone know what is going on at Court Acoustics, also to assure you that we are still carrying on despite sadly losing Stephen. The domain will be the main web presence it looks a little simple at the moment but that will change over time. We have been working hard behind the scenes, there has been a lot of testing and improvements of the current line mainly testing of the SN70 using the anechoic facilities at a UK research university. This has helped us sort out some of the commented problems in the Sound on Sound review. The current BlackBox 2 system has also been worked on and improved. Also designs and prototyping currently being made ready for our replacement for the much missed LX series (watch this space) We now have our BlackBox 2 demonstration rig being readied for sale so if you would like one at a bargain price please do not hesitate to contact us using the email or phone (details on the website)  also we have Stephen's Studer A807 tape recorder up for sale same contact for details. Hope to hear from you soon.